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160 Winston Dr. #2 Athens, Ga
Studio light or Natural Light if weather conditions allow
By Appointment only

4x5 Tintypes  
5x7 Tintypes  

8x10 Tintypes 

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About the Process

You are invited to participate in this 1850s photographic technique called Wet Plate Collodion, or more commonly, a tintype. This is the style of photography your great-great grandparents would have experienced.  All of the chemistry used in the process is hand mixed. The chemicals are then used to coat and light-sensitize a metal plate and develop the photograph. Chemistry must remain wet during this process giving the photographer 10-15 minutes to create your one-of-a-kind photo from start to finish. You get a genuine tintype experience along with an heirloom to last for generations. Check out the Q & A page for more information on what to expect during a session.

On-Location Sessions

I travel with a darkroom for Private Sessions 

by Appointment in and around 

Athens, Ga

Price per tintype for on-site sessions ($100 minimum)+ travel/setup feassessment, ($100 minimum)

Digital Scan included with each purchased tintype.

Tintypes mailed to you within 7 days of your session or local pickup available

Request information about long-distance on-location session minimums if outside Athens, Ga area

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